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We're an animation studio that promotes social justice, self-education and critical awareness.

Virtual Reality: Need to Know

Canadian Association of Optometrists

Is Interstellar Travel Possible? (Time Dilation & The Speed of Light)

Singularity University Digital Executive Program

UNICEF Innocenti: Fairness for Children

Should You Shave Your Pubes?

Could We Live on Mars?

Solar System 360 Degree Tour!

Star Wars: Parody/Rant (Thought Café + The Second City)

CIVIX Explains Government Basics

Buffer Festival 2015 Bumper

Have We Been Lied To?

WebMD – Food Additives 101

#DiveDeeper – The Water Brothers

The Water Brothers Season 3

I Love Science with Hank Green and Emerson

IsraelPalestine for Critical Thinkers

IISD Reporting Services

I Am Me

Help Stop Harper’s ‘Secret Police’ Bill

Wealth Inequality in Canada

Crash Course: Season 3 Promo!

EU Investment in Poverty-Related and Neglected Diseases

Give a Pack of Wolves This Christmas

Americans For Tax Fairness – Stop Congress From Handing Out Checks For Millionaires

How Can Approval Voting Help Elections?

Donate Your Data (Cancer Commons)

Thought Bubble: Bill McKibben

A Very Special Pair of Boots (UNICEF)

Thought Bubble: Naomi Klein